Taking Flight with My Daughter as We Chase the Bird Together

Day 11 of the Oiselle Chase the Bird Challenge couldn’t have been any better. After going to my favorite yoga class this morning (you can read about it HERE if you missed it), my daughter and I went for a hike/trail run up to Inspiration Point later in the afternoon .

I have to admit, I had low expectations for how much she might enjoy this outing and/or how far she might want to go as the trail is mostly steep, but I let her be in charge of the pace and just cruised along and enjoyed our time together.

And guess what? She completely blew me away with her rock star attitude.


She only asked me a few times how much farther we had to go to get to the top, and I think it was mostly to get herself mentally prepared to tackle it. She even took off running many times, completely unprompted. My little trail runner!


Okay, I must confess, I brought a secret weapon with me:  Continue reading

Day 10 and 11 Oiselle Chase the Bird Challenge

When I signed up to participate in Oiselle’s Chase the Bird Challenge, I never imagined it would be a big deal to get my workouts done each day. After all, the bar was set to a ridiculously doable level…15 minutes of exercise every day. But there’s a reason it’s called a CHALLENGE. The challenge is making your workout a bigger priority than the heaping mound of other responsibilities you have staring at your for 26 days straight. Let me tell you, that’s no easy task.

Yesterday, I had planned to go to a full-body strength mat class at The Lab, but we had the final walk through for our house sale and multiple things to tackle in the morning. That nixed that idea. Fortunately, later in the day I had a small window to zip to the gym where I knocked out a few miles on the elliptical, followed by a 500y swim. Short and sweet. Day 10 done. The best part is that it felt great–especially the swim, which is usually one of my least favorite forms of exercise. Working on my weaknesses! Now if I could just conquer my weakness for cookies and chai lattes.


Day 11: This morning I started my day on the mat with another fabulous yoga class led by Erin DiAngelis.  The difference this class makes in my body and spirit is phenomenal. I’m never disappointed by this 1-hour investment of my time. What’s especially exciting is that after months and months of my hamstring yelling at me, it’s finally starting to quiet down. Hopefully it will eventually begin to sing again as it carries me along on pain free runs.


Today is a day off from school and ballet for my daughter so I’m sure a Mother-Daughter Chase the Bird adventure await us…will it be tennis, a bike ride, hike, or run? Can’t wait to see what inspires my little bird!

Until next time…

xo Becky