Race Log | Upcoming Events

2017 Races/Events

Santa Barbara Triathlon — August 27th

Resolution Run 5K — January 1st 23:59 (7:44)

2016 Races/Events

Ironman Arizona–November 20th 14:31

Santa Barbara 100–October 22nd

Carpinteria Olympic Triathlon  September 28th

Lifetime Olympic Triathlon in Tempe, AZ- September 18th

Ventura Century–September 10th

Santa Barbara Sprint Triathlon -August 28th  51:37 (1st in my AG)

Boogie’s 5-Mile Race in Aspen–July 4th

Solvang Century–March 12th

2015 Races

Palm Springs International Film Festival Red Carpet Run 5K  January 3 24:47 (8:00) 1st Place Overall!

Palm Springs New Balance 5K February 8 23:59 (7:44)

Winter Warm-up February 16 24:35 (7:58)

SB Action Pro 5K–February 22nd 29:17 (jogged-sick)

Girl on Fire 10K–March 7th 50:56

Orchard to Ocean 10K–March 14th 49:46 (8:01) PR This is when my hamstring bit it. Argh.
Orchard to Ocean 5K–March 14th 33:15 (10:43) jogged it with a young friend.

Gaucho Gallop 5K–April 25th 31:22 (jogged it with my daughter)

Vicki’s 3000m–June 13th 14:21 (7:42)

Westmonster Cross-country 5K–July 17th 26:43 (8:35)

She.Is.Beautiful 5K–September 20th 24:20 (7:50)

Big Avocado Cross-country Run 5K–October 4th

Palm Springs Thanksgiving 5K-November 26th


2014 Races

Superbowl 4-miler February 3  33:10 (8:33)

Winter Warm-up Cross-country 5K–February 16  25:30 (8:13)

Jenny Schatzle Community 5K–February 23  23:45 (7:37)

Orchard to Ocean 10K–March 15  50:05 (8:04)

Santa Barbara Chardonnay 10- Miler–April 19th  1:25:33 (8:33)

Gaucho Gallop 5K–April 26th  23:30 (7:34)

State Street Mile  June 1st 6:20 PR

Vicki’s 3000m–June 7th 13:16 (7:07) PR

Nite Moves 5K-June 18th 23:50 (7:48)

Nite Moves 5K–June 25th 23:23 (7:32)

Semana 15K–July 4th 1:16:32 (8:13)

Nite Moves-July 23rd–23:18 (7:30)

Nite Moves 5K–August 2nd  22:47 (7:20) PR

McConnell’s 10k–August 17th  49:57 (8:03) PR

Santa Barbara Triathlon–August 24th  1:33 (with my 10-year old daughter!!)

Ventura Half Marathon–September 7th  1:48:42 (8:17) PR

She is Beautiful 5K–September 21st  22.14 (7:10) PR

Avocado Run Cross-country 5K–October 5th 24:04 (7:44)

Santa Barbara Half Marathon–November 8th (1:56:57)

Thanksgiving Day 4 Miler-November 27th (ran with my daughter in her first race that length)

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