Runcation: Day 8 Aspen, Colorado Smuggler Mt.

Ever since arriving in Aspen, I’ve felt like a giddy kid who can’t wait to play! After my jaunt down the Rio Grande Trail yesterday (you can read HERE if you missed it), I set out to tackle Smuggler Mt. Road. This is a staple run for locals and visitors as it’s short, steep and sweet. It’s only 3 miles round trip, but with its 1,050 ft elevation gain, you always feel like you get a good workout. The best part is the fantastic view you earn once you reach the top.

Photo of running up Smuggler Mt. in Aspen

So happy to be back Aspen! Starting my run at the base of Smuggler, an old silver mining road. The starting elevation is 8,007 ft.

Running up Smuggler Mt. Road in Aspen

Up we go!

Running up Smuggler Mt. Road in Aspen

And go…It was so nice the road had recently been graded so it was soft and smooth at the beginning of my run.

This trail is used by every kind of person imaginable and it’s often a funny social scene. It’s an especially great place for young, athletic, dog-loving people to meet–kind of like Aspen’s healthy version of “Happy Hour.” This morning I noticed a lot of single, buff guys heading up, but way more female friends hiking up, kvetching about their lives. I was hoping some of them would meet! Me? I was totally in my happy place, buzzing because I was back in the ‘hood doing what I love doing.

Running to the top of Smuggler Mountain in Aspen

Happy Girl! Celebrating being back in Aspen and reaching the top of Smuggler.

Overview of Aspen from Smuggler Mt. Road

This is the view from the top of Smuggler (9,057 ft.)…an overview of Aspen Mt. and the town below.

What I’m discovering is that the key to making running fun while on vacation, and not a stressful thing trying to jam it in, or a big burden on your family, is to keep it moderate. Even though it has been tempting to disappear for long periods of time on the trails, the point of our vacation is to be together, so I’m trying to keep it in balance. And it has worked well so far. My family has been unbelievably supportive on our entire trip. They even picked me up after this run and took me out for my favorite ice blended coffee at Ink! Afterward there was pool time with my sweet girl. Did I mention how lucky I am?

Stay tuned for my next running adventure, which leaves my lungs and legs on fire!

Happy Trails!
xo Becky

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