Running While on Vacation: Day Two

I have to admit, it wasn’t easy getting out the door this morning to run. Logistics are never simple when you have others to consider and one car to share. My hubby was fabulous though, as always, offering to drop me off wherever I wanted to go. That was my problem though; I couldn’t decide where I wanted to run.

There are so many options in Palm Springs! Should I run the Tram Road with its 2000 ft. elevation gain in 3.7 miles? Or should I run at Indian Canyons, which has lots of flatter options, but an admission fee and limited hours in the summer. Should I run the Bump and Grind Trail in Palm Desert? After putzing around too long, I finally opted for the nearby South Lykken Trail, just off South Palm Canyon Drive.

It is similar to the North Lykken Trail, which I ran yesterday, yet different. This one has a steep 1-mile start, but then flattens out a bit so there are lots of small rolling hills as you continue upward. Once again, it was already 90 degrees at 7:45 so I was cautious about pushing it too far. On top of that, it was also smokey from a nearby wildfire. I was the only person on the trail today.

Here are a few pictures…







Overheating and getting low on water. I decided to go 2 miles up with an elevation gain of about 1200 ft., then head back down, making it a 4 mile trail run. Then I finished the last 2.25 miles of my 6.25 mile run on the road.


This is about where a HUGE BLACK KILLER BEE was pacing me, right next to my ear. I definitely picked it up here!


And then, a whole lot of aaaaaaahhh. Cooling my tired dogs in the pool after my run. And yes, that’s ANOTHER latte freeze (thank you sweet hubby).

Tomorrow we leave Palm Springs and head to the Grand Canyon. I’m super excited about this! Stay tuned for my next running adventure…

Happy Trails!

13 thoughts on “Running While on Vacation: Day Two

  1. Fun! Ok- you’ve inspired me to get out the door when we’re in Montana next week! I am hoping for some equally beautiful runs!

    Remind me to tell you about my running routes in Palm Desert when you get back to hitting the streets. They are a little more urban- one involves running El Paseo in the morning before the shops open and one involves running through The Living Desert!

    Happy trails and hope to see you soon! xo, Jen

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    • Jen, Montana should be spectacular! I find it incredibly challenging to be consistent with running while on vacation, but this trip I’ve been determined, and it has been an absolute blast. The Grand Canyon today was extraordinary, and tomorrow I’m runing in Arches Natiolnal Park.

      I’d love to hear your Palm Desert routes for the next time I’m there (hopefully when it isn’t 118 degrees).


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