Conquering the BS Beast at She.Is.Beautiful 5K

In late September I had the joy of running the She.Is.Beautiful 5K here in Santa Barbara. Woohoo! Why it took me six weeks to finally get this blog post written is another story. Ack. This race is one of the best-organized, most fun, and supportive running events around. The pink “Girl Power” vibe alone is enough to lift you five feet off the ground.

Even though this is one of my all-time favorite races, I almost didn’t sign up this year. My running mojo has been in the dumper BIG TIME as I’ve dealt with a hamstring injury that’s lingered for months and months (feels like years now). I knew “racing” this 5K was not in the cards, so I thought, Why bother?

What finally got me to the starting line was multiple friends cajoling me to participate–to take part and “just have fun” like they were.

What a concept!

Somehow over the last couple years my competitive spirit has gotten the best of me so I’ve forgotten that it’s okay to just cruise and have fun during a race without feeling ashamed of how slow I might finish. Anybody else know that feeling? I’ve forgotten that it doesn’t always have to be about chasing after a PR. And furthermore, I’ve forgotten that nobody, I repeat, NOBODY, gives a rip about my finishing time (nor yours), so being embarrassed about our level of fitness is a big fat waste of time and energy, especially when there’s a whole lot of fun to be had just by participating.

Thank you She.Is.Beautiful (and my persistent friends) for reminding me to lose the Bullshit Beast (aka ego). When we do, it always opens up a bounty of beautiful and blissful running moments.


My 3rd year in a row of running this fabulous race. Not my fastest time, not my slowest time, but my favorite time.

It was fun to celebrate all my super speedy friends too, like these ladies who pretty much swept the race. Desa (third from the right) took 1st Place Overall!


And my friend Ashlee, rocked her race too, coming in 2nd Overall and running her first sub-20:00! The banner says it all…



The sun was definitely shining down on all of us and helping light us up. Wearing a feather boa on such a warm morning? Mmmm…not something I’d probably recommend, but it was all part of the silliness. The funny thing is that somehow I managed to land 2nd Place in my age group (even though that wasn’t really the point of this day). It must have been my ridiculous get-up. One of the super speedy ladies in the picture above, DeAnna, took 1st in our age group, and 3rd Overall. Way to go D! You are an animal!


Over 2,000 runners took part in this year’s event.

Screen shot 2015-11-01 at 11.05.07 PM

Loved seeing so many young girls running their first 5K! Here, the Queen of Positive, Jenny Schatlze, helps celebrate this awesome athlete’s accomplishment.

Screen shot 2015-11-01 at 11.07.41 PM

Best local pre and post-race expo EVER.

Screen shot 2015-11-01 at 11.07.25 PM


Here’s to many more carefree running miles ahead!


Run for Ike 5K in Palm Springs on April 4th

One of my goals this year is to participate in new events to keep racing fun and fresh. After all, there’s nothing like a new challenge to get you fired up, right? I’ve already competed in three new races this year, and have several more slated for this spring. My favorite so far has been the Red Carpet 5K in Palm Springs, put on by race director, Molly Thorpe, and the Palm Springs Marathon Runners (you can read my blog post HERE if you want to know why I loved this race so much).

RUNFORIKEREG.IWhen Molly emailed me recently to let me know about an upcoming race she was organizing, the Run for Ike 5K, I immediately did a happy dance because I knew my family and I were planning to be in Palm Springs visiting my in-laws that weekend. Yay! Another chance to do a new race and run in an event put on by Molly.

My experience from the Red Carpet Run told me that any race Molly put on was bound to be special. She’s a “details” gal–something that takes a typical race up several notches so that it’s not only fun and well-organized, but memorable.

The Run for Ike 5K on April 4th is sure to be no different. The race is named in honor of Ike, a police K-9 who was killed in the line of duty, and it’s benefiting the Palm Springs Police Department K-9 Fund. The organizer’s goal is “to provide an awesome race experience with all the trimmings.”

For starters, every runner receives a tech quality t-shirt at packet pick-up. The first 200 people to sign up also receive an Ike plush. Then once you cross the finish line you receive a “Top Dog” trophy. Age group awards are handed out three deep in 5-year increments. After the race there’s a pancake breakfast sponsored by the Palm Springs Lions Club, which is included in your registration. There’s also pet adoption, K-9 demos, SWAT and first responder vehicle displays, photo ops, and a BBQ.


Ben & Jerry’s at The River is also sponsoring the JR. IKE Dash for kids 10 and under. The kids will each get adorable t-shirts along with a floppy eared doggie cap and finisher button. Their registration is only $5, and they’re also giving each Jr. finisher a coupon for a free scoop!

Most events offering all these things would charge a big nickel, but registration for this event is only $35 until April 2nd. If that’s not enough, Molly is offering a $5 discount for any of my friends who want to join me for RUN FOR IKE 5K on April 4th. You simply have to put in the code RUNPALMSPRINGS on

I hope you’ll join me for what is sure to be a fun Saturday morning in Palm Springs! By the way, this race is runner, walker, stroller and doggy friendly. REGISTER HERE!

I’m sure my big guy will be there cheering me on! xo